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10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit

Many couples have decided on the perfect song for the first dance and entry on their wedding day. We know that guests are anticipating these moments just as you are on your wedding day. Our advice to couples is, "if you come in with a bang, go out with a bang." Don't drop the ball when it is time to make your exit. We've come up with 10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit.

10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit - Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

1. Flower Petal Toss

Traditionally, most couples throw rice as they exit on their wedding day. On our list of 10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit, we suggest a flower petal toss. Tossing beautiful fresh flower petals is a nice way to make your exit.

2. Float Away

Another suggestion on our 10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit is a hot air balloon exit. This is a sure way to wow your guests for an unforgettable wedding day experience, as the newlyweds are lifted away waving to their friends and family.

3. Dove Release

If it is in your budget, releasing beautiful white doves would be a distinct way to make your exit on your wedding day. Traditionally, releasing white doves symbolizes prosperity, everlasting love, good fortune, and peace for the couple. Be sure to do your research on dove safety or hire a professional to help you if you plan on using this idea.

4. Fake Snow

If you are getting married during the winter months, try adding fake snow. As you exit, guests can toss fake snow so that it looks as if it's snowing. This is such a cool idea for an indoor winter wedding.

5. Carriage Ride

A carriage ride is so romantic. Choosing to make your exit by horse and carriage is also on our list of 10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit. This is a great idea for animal lovers or if you envision a Bridgerton style wedding that is becoming very popular.

6. Bell Ringing

If you don't want to do the traditional "toss" at your wedding, try adding a bell ringing. Guests can ring different types of bells from cowbells to sleighbells depending on your wedding style. It's a fun and engaging way to exit on your wedding day.

7. Fireworks

Who doesn't love a good fireworks show? This is a sure way to exit in a grand way on your wedding day. Be sure to check with your venue in advance to make sure fireworks are allowed and adhere to fireworks safety guidelines.

8. Bubbles

A light and easy way to make your exit is through bubbles. You can use this idea for the wedding or reception. That's why we like it. You can even get personalized bottles with your initials and wedding date just to add a little something extra.

9. Sparklers

If fireworks aren't in your budget, you can still add a little sparkle, literally. Guests can make a sparkling tunnel as the newlyweds' exit.

10. Butterflies

Another great way to make your wedding exit is by releasing butterflies. Butterflies symbolize new beginnings and happiness which is what is in store for the newlyweds.

If you would like to learn more about our 10 Distinct Ideas for Your Wedding Exit, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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