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14 Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch For the Newlyweds

Planning a farewell brunch for newlyweds can be a lovely way to cap off a wedding weekend and allow the couple to spend more time with friends and family before they depart for their honeymoon. Here are our 14 Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch For the Newlyweds.

Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch for the Newlyweds

14 Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch For the Newlyweds

1. Set a Date and Time

First on our list of 14 Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch For the Newlyweds is to set a date and time. Coordinate with the couple to determine the best date and time for the brunch. Typically, it's held in the morning or early afternoon after the wedding.

2. Choose a Venue

You can host the brunch at a restaurant, a family member's home, or even at the same venue where the wedding took place. If you're hosting at the same venue the wedding took place, try to secure a smaller space as you will only be hosting close friends and family.

3. Create a Guest List

Work with the couple to create a guest list for the brunch. It's typically a smaller gathering, including close family and friends who attended the wedding.

4. Send Invitations

Send out formal invitations or e-vites to the guests well in advance to make them aware of the post-wedding celebration. Make sure to include RSVP details.

5. Plan the Menu

Coordinate with the chosen venue or caterer to plan a brunch menu. Consider including a mix of breakfast and lunch options. Don't forget to accommodate dietary restrictions for guests who are attending.

6. Decorations

Depending on the venue, you might want to add some simple decorations that match the wedding theme or colors. Flowers and centerpieces are a nice touch.

7. Entertainment

You can have background music or a live band, but remember that the focus is on socializing and saying farewell. Games or photo-sharing from the wedding can also be fun.

8. Speeches and Toasts

Another fun thing to do on our list of 14 Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch For the Newlyweds are speeches and toasts. Consider having a moment for speeches and toasts. Friends and family can share their well-wishes and memories. This is a great way to get friends and family involved in the festivities.

9. Photographer/Videographer

If budget allows, you may want to have a professional photographer or videographer present to capture moments from the brunch. This is just another way for the couple to reflect on their post-wedding day celebration.

10. Plan a Thank-You

Make sure to thank the guests for attending and the couple for allowing everyone to share in their special day.

11. Gifts

Some guests might bring gifts or cards for the newlyweds, so make sure there's a designated area for these. Add a card-box and decorate the table just to add some decor to the designated area.

12. Transportation

If the brunch is at a different location from where guests are staying, consider arranging transportation or providing information on local transportation options.

13. Coordination and Timeline

Create a timeline for the brunch, including when food will be served, when speeches will take place, and when the event will conclude. Assign someone to keep everything on schedule.

14. Relax and Enjoy

The most important part is for everyone, especially the newlyweds, to relax and enjoy the time spent with loved ones prior to leaving for their honeymoon.

Remember to consult with the couple throughout the planning process to ensure their preferences are taken into account. The goal is to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to celebrate and say goodbye to the newlyweds in a memorable way.

If you want to learn more about our 14 Tips on How to Plan a Farewell Brunch For the Newlyweds, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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