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15 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Kid-Friendly

Including kids in your wedding day celebration can add a heartwarming and family-oriented touch to your special day. Here are our 15 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Kid-Friendly so that children feel welcome and ensure their involvement goes smoothly.

Kid Friendly Weddings

15 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Kid-Friendly

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1. Child-Friendly Venue

First, on our list of 15 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Kid-Friendly, start with the venue. Choose a wedding venue that is child-friendly. Consider spaces where children can play safely and comfortably. An outdoor venue with open spaces or a venue with a designated play area can work well.

2. Include Them in the Ceremony

Also, on our list of 15 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Kid-Friendly is to include them in the ceremony. Think flower girl and ring bearer. Consider having children take on traditional roles as flower girls or ring bearers. They can walk down the aisle before or after you. Another great way to include them is to do a unity ceremony. An example of a unity ceremony that involves the kids is a sand ceremony, where they can pour colored sand into a container along with the couple.

3. Child-Sized Seating

If you're having a separate area for the kids, provide child-sized tables and chairs. This will make them feel more comfortable and included.

4. Kids' Table

Set up a special kids' table with coloring books, crayons, games, and child-friendly snacks. Consider hiring a babysitter or child entertainer to supervise the table. This way kids are occupied during the reception.

5. Children's Menu

Work with the caterer to provide a children's menu with kid-friendly food options. This can be more appealing to their tastes. It also allows you to save on food costs.

6. Kids' Activities

Plan activities for the kids during the reception. This might include a craft station, a photo booth with props, or a supervised area for games.

7. Childcare Services

If you have many children attending, consider hiring professional childcare services to keep them entertained and supervised during the event.

8. Favors and Gifts

Give children special wedding favors, like age-appropriate toys, games, or personalized items. This is another way to make them feel included in the festivities.

9. Childcare Arrangements

Communicate with parents about childcare arrangements in advance. Let them know if there will be designated childcare services or areas during the wedding.

10. Child-Proofing

If your wedding includes very young children, make sure the venue is child-proofed with safety measures in place. We all know that toddlers can be busy.

11. Photography

Ensure your photographer captures candid moments with the children. Kids can provide some of the most memorable and heartwarming photo opportunities.

12. Include Them in Speeches

During speeches, you can acknowledge the children and express your love and appreciation for their presence in your lives.

13. Dance with the Kids

Share a special dance with the children such as a family dance, or invite them to join the dance floor when you're dancing with your partner.

14. Child-Appropriate Music

Include some child-friendly music in the playlist to keep the kids entertained on the dance floor.

15. Patience and Flexibility

Be patient and flexible with children. They might get restless, cranky, or tired, so having backup plans or allowing them to take breaks is essential.

Remember that involving children in your wedding is a great way to celebrate not only your love as a couple but also your love for your family. It can create wonderful memories for everyone involved and make your special day even more meaningful.

If you want to learn more about our 15 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Kid-Friendly, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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