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4 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant

One of the important people that will be a part of your wedding day is the person that is going to marry you. Some people get married at their church while others go to a justice of the peace. Whatever route you choose for your wedding day be sure that they are the right fit. We've provided 4 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant.

4 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant - Photo by: Kevin Lanceplaine

1. Type of Officiant

First on our 4 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant is the type of officiant. While there are several different types of wedding officiants out there, choosing the right one should be based on the type of ceremony you and your fiance have chosen. For those couples who practice certain religions and are members of a church, you will more than likely will choose to have your pastor, rabbi, minister, etc. officiate your wedding.

For civil ceremonies, the officiant may be a justice of the peace or magistrate of the court. However, you would be surprised at how many of these court officials will perform your civil ceremony in a personal setting. Be sure to inquire about this at your local county clerk's office.

Interfaith officiants are for those looking to have more of a spiritual ceremony rather than the traditional religious ceremony. These types of officiants are more open and flexible when it comes to performing special requests that you may have for your wedding ceremony.

Let's not forget friends and family members who have been ordained. If you would rather have someone you know to officiate your wedding, this is the way to go. Just like with anything else do your research when choosing to let friends and family members officiate your wedding.

2. Be Mindful That They Are Still a Vendor

Next on our 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant, keep in mind that the officiant is a vendor for your wedding and should be treated as such. For instance, do your research. This includes asking for referrals, recommendations, and checking their reviews should be done just like with any other vendors you plan to hire for your wedding. Be sure to put everything in writing as you would with other vendors including fees and what's included in the ceremony.

3. Meet With Them

Another one of our 4 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant is for you to meet with them. That's right, it's like trying on those new shoes before you buy them. You want to meet with the officiant to make sure they are a good fit and that you are comfortable with them. So, after the initial consultation, schedule a time to meet. This also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have before making a commitment.

4. Make Sure They Are Recognized by the State

The last thing you want is to hire an officiant who lacks valid credentials. Part of your research includes verifying if the officiant is certified/recognized within the state and county that you plan to have the ceremony. The requirements vary from state to state.

If you would like to learn more about our 4 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Officiant, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planning professionals.



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