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5 Aggravating Behaviors Wedding Guests Should Always Avoid

If you have been extended an invitation to a wedding, that means the couple really likes you and wants you to be a part of their special day. However, that doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want. Besides, every couple has their list of do's and don'ts when it comes to their wedding day celebration and as their guest you should respect that. That is why we want to share with you 5 Aggravating Behaviors Wedding Guests Should Always Avoid.

5 Aggravating Behaviors Wedding Guests Should Always Avoid

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1. Improperly RSVPing

It's hard enough for the couple to get some folks to RSVP let alone RSVP on time. But another thing that's on our list of 5 Aggravating Behaviors Wedding Guests Should Always Avoid is improperly RSVPing. Couples go out of their way when coming up with their wedding suite, picking out color schemes and choosing the best fonts. It's not as simple as some wedding guests may think. Therefore, choosing to disregard the RSVP card and sending the couple a text message or email is unacceptable.

2. Not Letting The Photographer Do Their Job

We get it. That is your niece getting married, and you want to get as many photos as you can of the bride and groom. However, another one of those 5 Aggravating Behaviors Weddings Guests Should Always Avoid is not letting the photographer do their job. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive when it comes to weddings. Put your cell phone away for a moment, and do not get in the way while the photographer is trying to take photos of the bride and groom. Besides, it's all about them, right?

3. Calling The Bride on Wedding Day With Questions

The bride should get to enjoy her day. That means that wedding guests should not bother the bride or groom, for that matter, on their wedding day with a bunch of questions. An alternative to calling the bride would be to go to the couple's wedding website under the frequently asked questions section to see if the answer to your question is listed there. Also, it would be a good idea to contact the maid of honor or the couple's wedding planner. They may be able to assist you.

4. Forgetting To Put Your Phone On Silent

Nothing is more aggravating than someone's phone ringing during the wedding ceremony. Out of respect for the couple, please remember to silence your cell phone before entering the church or venue.

5. Being Late or Too Early

The wedding invitation informs you of the time of the ceremony as well as the reception. There is no need to get there extra early as sometimes you are in the way. On the contrary, don't arrive late to the wedding or reception. The wedding ceremony is usually quick so get there as indicated on the invitation. As far as the reception, please don't arrive while dinner is being served. You should already be seated by the time the food comes out.

If you want to learn more about our 5 Aggravating Behaviors Wedding Guests Should Always Avoid, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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