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5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You

Hiring a wedding planner could be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding. Wedding planners can help with everything when it comes to planning your wedding, from establishing a budget, venue selection, seating arrangements, and design. With all the different personalities to deal with and advice being thrown their way, have you ever thought about what your wedding planner is really thinking? We're here to tell you, so pull up a chair! There are 5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You.

5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You - Photographer: Onsite Photography LLC

1. Trust Us

First, on our list of 5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You, is the issue of trust. You've done the research and probably even got a referral from a friend or family member about the wedding planner that you chose for your wedding. We have two words for you. Trust us! Your wedding planner will have your best interest in mind when it comes to planning your wedding. You have to believe that and let us do the job you hired us to do. We will provide professional advice and guidance every step of the way.

2. Stop Taking Advice From Everyone

Friends and family members are happy for you, we get it. However, listening to their advice could possibly lead to tension between them and the wedding planner that can contribute to a toxic wedding planning experience. We are most comfortable with directions that come directly from the couple. Therefore, allowing them to call the wedding planner with their opinion and ideas may not be such a good idea. Speak with friends and family members about why you hired a professional wedding planner, to begin with, and that you trust their expertise.

3. Let Us Be Creative

After attending several weddings, you may see things that you want or make decisions based on what is trending. Allow your wedding planner to work with your designer to create something unique and fits your personality. We understand that it's difficult to give up full control but there goes that trust factor again. You lay the foundation. We will come up with the blueprint.

4. Respect Your Vendors

We all love a great deal. However, trying to cut corners and asking your vendors for discounts can make them feel that you don't value their services. Speak with your wedding planner about things that you must include in the budget and let them negotiate on your behalf.

5. We Don't Like Last Minute Changes

We are planners meaning we think and rethink every aspect of your wedding. That's why this is on our list of 5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You. Then, we discuss them in detail with our couples. Let's be fair. Making changes the night before or day of your wedding affects all the vendors on the timeline and everything has to be revised. Be sure to communicate any changes in a timely manner so there is no room for miscommunication.

If you would like to learn more about 5 Things Wedding Planners Wish They Could Tell You, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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