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5 Tips for Planning a Micro Wedding in Chicago

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

While many people may be postponing their weddings and opting to have it at a later date, others are foregoing larger weddings and choosing to have a micro wedding. Whatever you decide to do, we’d like to offer these five (5) tips on why you should consider a micro wedding while many people may be postponing.

Chicago Micro Wedding
5 Tips on Why You Should Consider Having a Micro Wedding Photo Credit: Mulugeta Wolde

1. You Can Reduce Your Overall Wedding Costs

Micro weddings reduce your overall costs and therefore, allow you to stay within your financial comfort zone. You can choose to reallocate the money that you are saving on the wedding to another aspect of the wedding such as the decor' or a unique venue. Since you are not covering the cost of hundreds of guests to attend your wedding, you can save money for a rainy day. Whether you'd like to use the savings for the down payment on a home or honeymoon.

2. Offers a More Relaxed Atmosphere

If you are looking at having a more relaxed atmosphere for your wedding, then this another reason why you should consider having a micro wedding. Micro weddings usually have a maximum of up to fifty (50) guests.

Some brides don't even like being the center of attention and the very thought of it brings them anxiety so a micro wedding will be a great option for introverts. Everyone doesn't want to have a huge wedding and would rather have time to spend with close friends and family members. Guests will appreciate the time you have to spend with them individually.

3. Stress-Free

The fact that you are not planning a huge wedding, reduces your overall stress from the very beginning. This is another reason why you should consider having a micro wedding. Keeping your wedding day more intimate allows for increased manageability. The more stress-free you are the more you will enjoy planning your wedding without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Destination Wedding

A micro wedding can also include a destination wedding. What better way to get your closest friends and family and head to a beautiful island or other destination. Of course, being fully aware of your financial comfort zone is something to consider when deciding to have a micro wedding that includes a destination wedding. Most people would love the opportunity to travel and celebrate with you as well. A destination wedding is a great and exciting reason why you should consider having a micro wedding.

5. Brings Out Your Creative Side

While all weddings allow you to express your vision, micro weddings give you a vast array of options when choosing a venue. With a micro wedding, you can choose to have natural habitats as your actual venues such as a beach, park, or botanical garden. You can choose a restaurant or have food trucks if you're thinking about more customization. If a big wedding is what you've always dreamed of, by all means, do what your heart desires. However, if having a micro wedding seems right for you, then go for it!

If you would like to learn more about micro wedding planning, contact us to speak to one of our planners.



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