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5 Tips on How to Break Up With Your Wedding Vendors

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

You've been given numerous recommendations and have heard good things about a particular wedding vendor. You really believe this is the way to go. After you spend a significant amount of time talking on the phone, emailing each other, face timing, and zoom meetings, you come to the realization that the "relationship" just wasn't what you thought it would be, and things aren't working out. The good news is that you don't have to settle whether it's a makeup artists, photographer, etc. That's why we've come up with 5 Tips on How to Break Up With Your Wedding Vendors.

5 Tips of How to Break Up With Your Wedding Vendor - Photographer: Onsite Photography LLC

1. Tell Them The Truth About Problem

The first thing on our list of 5 Tips on How to Break Up With Your Wedding Vendors is to tell them the truth about the problem. If you are unhappy with their service or have decided to go another route, speak your peace. You would be doing yourself and the vendor a disservice by not being honest with them about why you no longer need their services.

2. Do Your Research

Before you decide to "let go" of a vendor, be sure to do your research. Be sure to go over the contract because each one is different. Read and re-read the contract to ensure you have a clear understanding of what your agreement is. Also, to be clear on what the vendor's responsibilities are. You need to know if you are entitled to receive a refund or whether or not there are other ways the vendor can accommodate you. You don't want any surprises. Doing your due diligence is on our list of 5 Tips on How to Break Up With Your Wedding Vendor.

3. Do It in Writing

If you haven't learned this hard-learned life lesson already, I'm here to tell you to get everything in writing! A simple phone call won't suffice because in court there is no proof of the actual agreement. You can make an initial call but, you should always follow up in writing. When you put it in writing, be very clear that you want to terminate the contract. Be sure to keep good records of any monies paid to the vendor. Your wedding planner should be able to keep track of this for you as well. We recommend including your wedding planner in all correspondences with all of your wedding vendors.

4. The Sooner the Better

The term "better late than never" doesn't apply here. Be considerate when you "break up" with your wedding vendor. The vendor has set aside your date and is looking forward to getting compensated. That is why it's necessary to tell them that their services are no longer needed sooner rather than later.

5. Don't Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Once you decide that it's best to part ways, with a wedding vendor, don't get emotional about it. Whether it's because they don't fit in your budget anymore and you've established a good working relationship with them, or you don't want their services any longer, it's a business decision.

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