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5 Tips on How to Recycle Your Wedding Items

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

You're so excited during the wedding planning process making sure everything has been checked off your to-do list; Hire a wedding planner, attend the cake tasting, get your wedding gown alterations completed, the list goes on and on. Most couples never even consider what to do with wedding items once the wedding is over. Here, we've provided five (5) tips on how to recycle your wedding items.

Tips on How to recyle you wedding items
5 Tips on How To Recycle Your Wedding Items

1. Consider Selling Your Wedding Dress

One of the first five (5) tips on how to recycle your wedding items is finding out what to do with your wedding dress. While some brides may be sentimental and would like to hold on to their wedding dress hoping to have a daughter to pass the dress down to, others may be open to selling their wedding dress. If you are a bride who would like to help another bride, you can sell your wedding dress at a discounted price. Some companies could assist you with selling the dress or you can list the dress yourself on Craig's List, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

2. Floral arrangements

If you've opted for artificial floral arrangements, they can be used for home decor all year round. On the other hand, if you use fresh flowers, you can freeze dry them and use them in shadow boxes and hang them on the wall or find other creative ways to preserve them. Vases can be used for holiday decorating or just to have fresh flowers in your home at any time. You can also use them for post-wedding engagements such as brunches or dinner parties. Another way artificial floral arrangements can be recycled is for birthday or Mother's Day gifts. Add a bow around the vase in the person's favorite color to personalize it.

3. Food

You can hear your parent's now. Don't waste any food! Leftover food items from the wedding that are packaged can be helpful to soup kitchens or food depositories. It's a way to give back by helping to feed families in need. That's why we've listed food reallocation in our five (5) tips on how to recycle your wedding items. Also, be sure to adhere to any food safety guidelines when donating food items.

4. Shoes

A quick and easy way to recycle your shoes is to have them dyed if you are wearing white or ivory-colored shoes like most brides. Again, you can't go wrong with selling your shoes to another bride, who is looking at ways to minimize costs, at a discounted price.

5. Suits

Now that the photographer has captured them all striking a pose we must not forget about the groom and groomsmen in our five (5) tips on how to recycle your wedding items. During the wedding planning process, it would be nice to choose a suit that can be worn for other special occasions. However, if you are one that is adamant about originality and customization, then you may want to consider selling the suits post-wedding.

If you would like to learn more about tips on how to recycle your wedding items, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planning specialist.



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