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5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

There are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to hosting your wedding. Every culture can be different, every ethnicity, every religion but there is a certain etiquette that you’ll find at mostly all American weddings. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides.

Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides
5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides - Photo Credit: Nicee Martin

1. Who’s Responsible for Paying for the Wedding

As tradition has it, the bride’s parents and the groom were responsible for paying for the wedding. The bride's parents would pay for the entire wedding reception, bridesmaids dresses, the photographer, and also the wedding gown. On the other hand, the groom would be responsible for paying for the church, flowers, and honeymoon. However, in more modern times most couples tend to contribute to the costs of their wedding and so does the father of the groom. Knowing who is responsible for paying for the wedding costs is one of the 5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides.

2. Should You Wear White

Back in the day, it was the tradition for the bride to be to wear a white wedding gown which was symbolic of purity. Oftentimes, many assume that this is symbolic of virginity, which is a long-standing myth. One of our 5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides, however, is to wear white only if this is your first marriage. Some other colors to consider if you have been married before would be off-white, cream, or ivory.

3. Escorting You Down the Aisle

This role has always traditionally been reserved for the Father of the Bride. However, there are situations in which the Father of the Bride is unable to fulfill this duty. If this is the case, a close male family member such as an uncle, brother, or close family friend can do the honors. When escorting the bride down the aisle the bride is to walk on the left side of her escort which takes me to our next thing on the 5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides, ceremony seating.

4. Seating at the Ceremony

The left side, commonly referred to as the bride side is where friends and family of the bride sit. The right side or groom's side, if you would, is reserved for the groom’s friends and family. Since we are living in more modern times, in civil ceremonies, open seating is generally done where guests are allowed to sit on either side which symbolizes the uniting of two families.

5. Asking for Monetary Gifts

This question comes up over and over again with couples which is why I had to add it to our list of 5 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides. Is it rude to ask for monetary gifts? Absolutely not! While traditional gift registries are still popular, asking for monetary gifts are becoming more popular these days with couples. So, there you have it. It’s ok to ask for monetary gifts that can assist in paying for your honeymoon or saving for a home.

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