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6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make

Now that you have agreed to be a bridesmaid at your girlfriend's wedding don’t take the job lightly. You would be surprised at some of the things that bridesmaids didn’t know when agreeing to be a bridesmaid. We want to fill you in on 6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make. Hopefully, you can avoid them.

6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make - Photographer: Onsite Photography LLC

1. Not Prioritizing The Wedding

First, on our list of 6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make is not prioritizing the wedding. When you agree to the role of bridesmaids, be sure to communicate with the bride regularly by asking about any dates that you need to be available or if there are any tasks you have been assigned. This would allow time to prioritize the needs of the wedding and your friend. Not to mention it gives you time to make any necessary changes to your schedule if needed.

2. Not Breaking in Those New Shoes

Ok, for most girls with a new dress comes a new pair of shoes. However, 6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make is not breaking in their new shoes before the wedding day. You will be walking down the aisle in front of plenty of guests, and the worst thing you can do is wear shoes that are so uncomfortable that they are unbearable. Do yourself a favor and “break-in” the new pumps before the wedding day. You can wear them on a date or to the bachelorette party. Don’t forget to bring a more comfortable pair of shoes for dancing at the reception.

3. Not Asking if You Are Allowed a Plus-One

Just because you are a part of the wedding party does not mean you are guaranteed a plus-one. Never assume anything. Just ask the bride if it is ok to bring a date. If it is in the couple's budget, I am sure they would not mind.

4. Not Respecting the Bride’s Wishes

Face it. Nobody agrees on everything. However, not respecting the bride’s wishes is one of the most 6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make. If you disagree with a decision made by the bride, speak with her privately. Or you can approach the maid of honor about any concerns you may have.

5. Not Ordering Your Dress on Time

We all think that we will have more time to get things done. If you have agreed to be a bridesmaid, order your dress as soon as possible. There is no need to prolong it, as it may take a while to arrive after ordering or it may need alterations. Be prepared by ordering sooner rather than later.

6. Not Showing Up on Time

If you have accepted the role of a bridesmaid, be sure to be on time for the wedding. The show must go on! Believe it or not, the wedding will proceed without you, if you do not arrive before the ceremony starts. Besides, it is all about the bride. Also, you would want to be there when the photographer arrives to be included in the photos. Be a good friend by showing up on time and helping your friend’s wedding day go as smoothly as possible without her having to worry.

If you would like to learn more about or 6 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Seem to Make, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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