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6 Tips for Brides to Prep for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your big day, there are so many things to do. The key to not feeling overwhelmed is to be prepared for your wedding day when it comes. You can do this by taking the time to get organized. We have provided 6 Tips for Brides to Prep For Your Wedding Day.

Wedding Day Tips for Brides
6 Tips for Brides to Prep for Your Wedding Day - Photo Credit: Preppyman Photography

1. Make Sure All Vendors Are Paid in Full

One of the first Tips for Brides to Prep for Your Wedding Day is to be sure to pay any outstanding balances to all of your vendors in advance. You don't want to have this task lingering over your head on your wedding day. Paying the vendors in advance will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your wedding day. Your wedding planner should also make sure all vendors are paid by keeping track of all of your expenses and outstanding balances and should have receipts for all monies paid out.

2. Pack for Your Honeymoon

Another one of our Tips for Brides to Prep for Your Wedding Day is to pack for your honeymoon. If you and your fiance are planning to take a honeymoon, then you should pack early to avoid forgetting any important items such as passports, suntan lotion, or phone chargers. Doing so, allows you to put your mind at ease about what you need to take on your honeymoon. All you have to do is grab your bag and go!

3. Don't Forget to Eat!

Sometimes brides let their nerves get the best of them and forget to eat something on their wedding day. Please remember to eat a small breakfast before your wedding or have some snacks available to you so that you are not famished. It's going to be a long and beautiful day! So, staying nourished is one of the most important Tips for Brides to Prep for Your Wedding Day.

4. Get A Good Night's Rest

I know this sounds easier than done with all the excitement that's going to happen the next day. But you need to get some rest the night before your wedding day. Turn in a little earlier than you normally would to help calm your nerves and to rest.

5. Have Everything Easily Accessible

To prevent yourself from having to look for things on your wedding day, you should have everything easily accessible. This includes hanging up your dress, having your shoes nearby, and laying out all of your jewelry and other accessories. When the moment comes, all you have to do is get dressed. Your wedding photographer can take photos of your wedding gown hanging or your shoes before and after, without having to disturb you.

6. Allow for Extra Time

We all know how important the wedding day timeline is. However, allowing extra time in the schedule for any unforeseen circumstances is worth mentioning or if you just want to take some time to yourself. Allowing time to get ready by taking an extra long shower, putting on your favorite perfume, or relaxing for five minutes while listening to calming music is always a good idea.

If you would like to learn more about our Tips for Brides to Prep for Your Wedding Day, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planning professionals.



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