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6 Tips on How to Involve Step-Parents in Your Wedding

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Let’s face it, there are so many “blended families” nowadays that you can’t help but feel the love. When it comes to your wedding, it would be nice to include the step-parents if they are ok with it. If not, that’s fine also. We came up with “ 6 Tips on How to Involve Step-Parents in Your Wedding”.

6 Tips on How to Involve Step-Parents in Your Wedding - Photo Credit: Victoria Priessnitz

1. Let Them Help With Planning

The first thing on our “6 Tips on How to Involve Step-Parents in Your Wedding” is letting them help with the wedding planning. Of course, not all families get along but if you’re one of the lucky ones including the step-parents to cakes tastings, venue tours, and dress fittings is a great place to start. It also allows both sides of the family to get to know each other better.

2. Mention Them on the Invitations

When it comes to financing the wedding, you would want to include the step-parents on the wedding invitations especially if they are making monetary contributions.

This is a nice way to make them feel appreciated. That's why this is included in our “6 Tips on How to Involve Step-Parents in Your Wedding”.

3. Let Them Wear Special Attire

A sure way to help step-parents feel like they are a part of the family is to ask them to wear special attire such as the same color scheme that you planned for the wedding. For instance, if your wedding colors are dark/blue and rose gold, you can have the step-parents wear colors that are in the same hue that will compliment the color scheme. Be sure to give your step-parents corsages and boutonnieres to ensure they feel as comfortable as the rest of the family. Giving suggestions to your step-parents about their attire would help them with any concerns they may have about what they should wear to the wedding.

4. Include Them in The Ceremony

What better way to include the step-parents than to have them be a part of the wedding ceremony. Some brides may choose to have their step-father walk them halfway down the aisle and have the father walk you the rest of the way. Or perhaps another way would be to have your father and step-father both walk you down the aisle. As long as everyone is civil toward one another this could work.

5. Include Them in the Family Photos

Since this is an opportunity to showcase your loving “blended family”, what better way to include the step-parents than the family photos. Be sure to communicate your family dynamics to your wedding photographer so that way he or she is aware and can arrange the photos accordingly.

6. Have a Family Dance

Another great way to involve the step-parents is to have a family dance. In addition to the father-daughter dance, you can choose to do a special honor dance with your step-parent. Also, you can just pick a song that is happy and has the whole family dancing the night away.

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