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7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest

Couples spend so much time during the wedding planning process making sure to have the wedding of their dreams. If you were one of the lucky ones to get invited to the wedding, then you should do everything you can to support the couple. So, with that being said we want to share with you 7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest and hope you will avoid doing these things.

7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest - Photographer: Nicee Martin

1. Not Responding to the RSVP

First, on our list of 7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest is not responding to the RSVP. Couples spend a great deal of time deciding who to invite. One of the worst things you can do is not RSVP and that's because the couple has created a budget. The couple and their wedding planner would need an accurate headcount by a certain date to ensure they don't go over budget and to make seating arrangements. Please do the couple a favor and RSVP by the deadline.

2. Not Following The Dress Code

On your wedding day, you get to wear whatever you want. However, when attending the wedding of a family member or friend who requests a certain attire please adhere to the dress code. Wearing something inappropriate or showing up in casual attire when the wedding is black-tie is also on our list of 7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest.

3. Overindulging in Alcohol

Now we know that everyone enjoys an open bar. However, don't drink to the point of intoxication. It can be embarrassing for you and the couple. Know your limitations and cut off the drinking at a certain point. You wouldn't want to be the unruly guest that is sure to appear on social media.

4. Bringing an Uninvited Guest

If your RSVP does not indicate that you are allowed to bring a plus-one to the wedding, please respect the couple and don't do it. Again, the couple has pre-planned the number of guests that fit into their budget, and inviting someone to tag along that's not on the guest list is rude.

5. Inviting Yourself

Just like bringing an invited guest is unacceptable, so is inviting yourself. Don't assume that since you know the couple that you are automatically invited to their wedding. If you haven't received a formal invitation don't just show up. If the couple requests your attendance they will send you an invitation. They could only be inviting family members and their closest friends. Don't put them in an awkward situation by asking them to attend their wedding.

6. Changing Your Seat at the Reception

If you knew just how time-consuming coming up with seating arrangements can be, you wouldn't change your seat at the reception venue. That's why this is on our list of 7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest. Changing your seat because you want to be closer to the couple or near a window may seem simple but it can create confusion at the reception. For instance, someone at table seven may have requested a vegan meal and now you're in their seat. The staff would be trying to figure out where the guest is in order to serve them.

If you are interested in learning more about our 7 Ways You're Not Being a Good Wedding Guest, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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