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How to Have a Wedding in Chicago for Under $10K

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

If you’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again. One of the most important things to think about when it comes to your wedding is your financial comfort zone. Before you even begin the wedding planning process, you should figure out what you would like to spend. It’s all about figuring out what’s most important to you and making sure those things are implemented into your wedding. With that being said, we want to share with you how to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K, with up to fifty (50) guests

Wedding in Chicago for under $10K
How to Have a Wedding in Chicago for Under $10K Photo Credit: Samson Ejim

Wedding Planner- Price $2,000

One of the best things you can do when it comes to your wedding is to hire a wedding planner. Your wedding planner can help you to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K and here are some things that your wedding planner can take care of for you:

● Assist you in reviewing contracts from other vendors

● Assist in keeping everything organized and ensure your vision for your wedding is implemented

● Allow you to be stress-free while they take care of your most important and intimate details

● Coordinate the entire wedding day instead of handling just one aspect of your wedding

● Convert the wedding space to a reception venue space for you

Wedding Officiant - Price $200

Chicago wedding officiants, for the most part, can range anywhere from $200 - $800. Some officiants are more expensive than others depending on how many guests you have at your wedding. Also, some may charge a fee to attend the rehearsal in addition to the actual wedding ceremony.

Photographers - Price $1,000

It’s all about those cherished memories! Booking a photographer by the hour instead of a la carte is a way to stay inside your financial comfort zone. This is one way to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K. You can opt to have certain aspects of your wedding photographed that are very important to you such as the bride and groom, champagne toast, first dance, etc. The photographer will create a photo gallery for your special day but be prepared to pay extra costs to have the photos printed.

Floral and Decor’ - Price $1,000

Your bridal bouquet should be somewhere around $100 and the bridesmaid's bouquets are half the cost at $50. However, if you choose to have artificial flowers for your wedding as opposed to fresh flowers this is another option on how to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K. You can find some great ideas for the bouquets on Etsy. The same goes for the boutonnieres and centerpieces.

Entertainment (DJ - 4 hours) - Price $1000

While it may be nice to have a band at your wedding, if you are looking at how to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K then you may want to hire a DJ instead, someone with wedding experience and someone who provides their equipment such as lighting and speakers.

Invitations - Price $200

If you are one that's into traditional weddings, and like the idea of mailing your invitations then this cost would apply to you. However, if you are looking at how to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K, then you would find digital invitations more appealing. While there are several options including designer collections, my go-to is You can personalize your digital invitations by adding photos, custom lettering, and so on, all at no cost. Also, keeping track of your guest list is very convenient with digital invitations.

Venue, Catering and Beverage Service - Price $4,500

The venue space is the most expensive portion of your wedding. Some venues offer rentals, which can include linen, tables, chairs, etc. The key is finding a venue that will allow you to provide your bar and catering services. Also, ask about any package deals that they may offer. When it comes to the wedding cake, some venues may have a baker on-site that you can utilize but prepare for added costs. However, you can choose to hire a baker of your choice for your wedding cake. This gives you more control over budgeting. Lastly, you may choose not to have a wedding cake at all and choose to do cupcakes instead. Remember that finding ways on how to have a wedding in Chicago for under $10K is your goal.

In essence, you can have a fabulous wedding without “breaking the bank”. With the savings you’ll have from your wedding, you can look to splurge on a honeymoon, purchase a home, or save for the educational costs of your future children.

Caterer $2,500

Wedding Planner $2,000

Venue $1,000

Floral and Decor’ $1,000

Entertainment $1,000

Photographer $1,000

Officiant $200

Cake $400

Beverage $800

To learn how you can plan a wedding for under $10,000 in Chicago, schedule a call with us.



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