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How to Ship a Wedding Dress: A Complete Guide for Brides

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Destination weddings are becoming more popular, with couples looking to host them in tropical climates and other locations. Couples are heading to the Caribbean and other locations with friends and family to exchange vows. If you have decided on a destination wedding, we are sharing steps on How to Ship a Wedding Dress: A Complete Guide for Brides.

How to Ship a Wedding Dress: A Complete Guide for Brides

1. Choose a Suitable Shipping Method

First, on our steps on How to Ship a Wedding Dress: A Complete Guide for Brides is choosing a suitable shipping method. For instance, you want to select a shipping method that offers tracking and insurance on valuable items such as your wedding dress. There are a variety of carriers that offer this feature such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, or reputable services like USPS.

2. Gather Necessary Packing Materials

You want to ensure that your wedding dress arrives safely and securely so you may want to use some necessary packing materials. First, you want to include acid-free tissue paper, which protects from discoloration and damage. In addition, you want to use a large, sturdy box. One that is slightly larger than the dress to accommodate additional padding. Bubble wrap or foam padding is always a good idea to provide extra protection. In order to keep your wedding dress clean and dust-free during transit, you will need a plastic garment bag. Lastly, you will need packaging materials such as packing tape and scissors.

3. Prepare the Dress:

Also, included in our steps on How to Ship a Wedding Dress: A Complete Guide for Brides is preparation of your wedding dress. Have the dress professionally cleaned before shipping to remove any stains or marks. Place the dress on a clean, flat surface and stuff it with the acid-free tissue paper to help maintain the shape. Then, wrap the dress in additional tissue paper, while paying special attention to delicate areas such as lace, beading and embroidery. Once the dress is wrapped, carefully place the dress inside the plastic garment bag to seal, and seal the bag protect it from moisture and dirt.

4. Packing the Dress

When packing the dress, take the large, sturdy box and line the bottom with bubble wrap or foam padding. Gently place the garment bag with the dress inside the box, ensuring that it fits comfortably without being overly compressed. Fill any empty spaces inside the box with additional bubble wrap or foam padding to prevent the dress from shifting during transit. Fold the excess garment bag and tuck in neatly around the dress. Lastly, close the box and seal the edges with packing tape.

5. Labeling and Documentation

When labeling your box, write the shipping address clearly, including the name and address of the recipient along with contact information, on the box. Be sure to include your return address and contact details as well. Complete any necessary custom forms accurately and be sure to include the value of the dress for insurance purposes, if you are using a shipping service.

6. Insurance and Tracking

When shipping your dress, consider insuring the dress for its full value to protect against loss or damage. Check with your carrier to determine the best insurance options for your package. Obtain a tracking number for the shipment so that you can monitor its progress.

7. Shipping and Delivery

Take your dress to your chosen shipping carrier or schedule a pickup if the service is available. Be sure to keep the tracking number and any relevant shipping receipts for your records. Remember, it's essential to plan ahead and allow ample time for shipping, especially when it comes to international shipment or peak seasons, to ensure the dress arrives at the venue on time for the wedding.

If you want to learn more about our steps on How to Ship a Wedding Dress: A Complete Guide for Brides, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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