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The Complete Guide to Having a Virtual Wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Having to postpone or cancel your wedding because of the coronavirus had to be a very difficult and emotional decision for so many couples everywhere. I can't imagine what that feels like. My heart goes out to you. There is somewhat of a bright side. You can choose to have a virtual wedding. Many couples are choosing to have a virtual wedding. This way you don't have to wait to marry your "love of a lifetime". We've provided The Complete Guide to Having a Virtual Wedding for those couples who don't want to wait to "jump the broom".

Complete Guide to Having a Virtual Wedding
The Complete Guide to Having a Virtual Wedding - Photo Credit: Kendra Allen

1. Obtain Your Marriage License

The first order of business in the complete guide to having a virtual wedding is to obtain your marriage license. Even if you are having a virtual wedding and especially if you want to make this one count. Check with your local county clerk's office to see if you will be applying online or if you can obtain your license in person as some states have opened their doors for service. Don't forget about the waiting period for obtaining your marriage license. In Cook County, the wait time is sixty (60) days.

2. Choose Your Platform

With so many platforms available these days, the options are unlimited when it comes to having a virtual wedding. One of the most popular platforms is Zoom. Zoom offers video conferencing and has become very popular. However, there are other platforms including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Streamyard, and Google Hangouts. Choosing a platform is the next step in the complete guide to having a virtual wedding.

3. Invite Friends and Family

After choosing your platform, you want to invite friends and family to join your virtual wedding, this way they can experience your wedding with you. Create a digital invitation for your virtual wedding and send it to everyone so that they can watch the magic happen. You can create digital invitations for free on or Paperless Post. Another bright side, you get to save on postage. Some couples opt to have digital invitations as a cost-saving even before the pandemic. Doing so allows you to stay within your financial comfort zone and to reallocate the funds to another area of the wedding.

4. Dress to Impress

Be sure to put on some fancy clothes, if you are reluctant to put on your actual wedding gown and a tux, but you should "look the part". While some just say to heck with it and go all out, a wedding gown, tuxedo, and all but this is totally up to you. Be sure to do your hair and makeup for the ceremony and photos. Besides, it's your virtual wedding day!

5. Set the Stage

The wedding industry has been affected by the pandemic as well. However, there are wedding planners, florists, event designers, and photographers who would love the opportunity to assist with your virtual wedding. Wedding planners and designers can create a beautiful scene for your virtual wedding to make it just as amazing as your actual wedding. What's a wedding without flowers? Florists provide delivery and setup services that you can also use for your virtual wedding. Some photographers may be willing to take some professional photos and can do so within a safe distance and taking other precautions to ensure everyone's safety.

6. Music Playlist

While guests are logging on, it would be nice to have some background music playing so be sure to create a music playlist. You can get creative with this one by adding cool virtual backgrounds. offers free virtual backgrounds as well. If you aren't very familiar with how to make a music playlist, there are some DJ's who would love to participate in your virtual wedding and you can get them on board as well.

7. Showtime

Creating a timeline for your virtual wedding is the last thing you need to do following the complete guide to having a virtual wedding. The timeline should include the entire ceremony from start to finish. This is where you would include the wedding officiant, witness, and other components of a wedding ceremony such as exchanging vows, ring ceremony or anything else that you would like to incorporate into your virtual wedding. It would be helpful to get a family member to assist in making sure things go smoothly for your virtual wedding. That's it. You are ready to host your virtual wedding!

To learn more about having a virtual wedding, be sure to contact us to speak to one of our wedding planning professionals.



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