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The Duties of The Best Man: A Quick Checklist

We are always providing many tips for the brides. However, we wanted to do a little something different and provide some info to our grooms on The Duties of The Best Man: A Quick Checklist. Besides, we have to make sure everything is in order on the groom's side because it's his wedding day also and you wouldn't want anything to go wrong. The best man is usually a sibling or best friend of the groom. So, now let's get into what that means for the person that has been given the honors.

Duties of the best man
The Duties of The Best Man: A Quick Checklist - Photo credit: Olly Allars

1. Organize the Bachelor Party

We all know that the groom looks forward to his bachelor party. So, that’s why this is listed in our The Duties of the Best Man: A Quick Checklist. The best man is responsible for organizing the accommodations for the bachelor party. Recruiting other groomsmen to help out is perfectly fine but, the best man is the one that assumes the responsibility.

2. Assist With Wedding Attire

Since the best man more than likely knows the groom the best, he is sure to know his style and what he would wear or not wear on his wedding day. Included in The Duties of the Best Man: A Quick Checklist is the best man assisting the groom in choosing and renting the formalwear for the wedding. It also includes helping to coordinate the groomsmen's attire.

3. Provide Support Emotionally

Believe it or not, women aren't the only ones that get emotional during the wedding planning process. Also included in our The Duties of the Best Man: A Quick Checklist, the best man is there to listen to the groom vent, his questions, concerns, etc. without judgment. That's why he was chosen to be the best man.

4. Attend the Rehearsal

The entire wedding party will be present at the rehearsal but the best man has a responsibility to ensure all the groomsmen are present and on time. Making a small toast is usually done by the best man at the rehearsal dinner also.

5. Hold the Wedding Rings

One of the most important duties of the best man is to hold the wedding rings especially if the bride and groom have chosen not to have a ring bearer. The best man may need to secure other items also such as keys and cell phones.

6. Make a Toast

It is customary for the best man to make a toast at the wedding when the bride and groom open up the floor. The best man initiates the first toast. Take the time to write something that fits the couple. The toast should be tasteful and appropriate for the occasion.

7. Make Sure the Clothes Are Returned

More than likely, after the wedding, the newlyweds will be headed to their honeymoon destination. With that being said, the best man is to make sure all the tuxedo rentals get returned on time. The best man's duties include taking care of the groom's clothing after he changes to leave for the honeymoon.

If you would like to learn more about The Duties of The Best Man: A Quick Checklist, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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