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The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends for 2022

The cool, crisp air. The burnt orange, yellow, and rust color of the trees all around us. Yes, that means that fall has finally arrived. If you're planning on getting married during this season, you couldn't have picked a better time than harvest season. Are you curious about what's trending in weddings this time of year? Would you like to know what's in and what's out? We want to share our list of The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends for 2022.

The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends for 2022

Photographer: Nicee Martin

1. Escort Cards or Seating Charts

First on our list of The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends for 2022 is escort cards and seating charts. Escort cards are a nice touch when it comes to weddings. However, more couples are doing away with escort cards and choosing seating charts instead. Seating charts are easy to design and customizable. Seating charts can be displayed, on an easel, where guests can find their seats quickly. Some of our favorite styles of seating charts include mirrored designs with calligraphy writing.

2. Customized Playlist or Traditional Music

When it comes to the songs that are played on wedding day, we have found that couples have been choosing a more customized playlist as opposed to traditional music. Every song from the entrance into the ceremony to making a grand exit, is being customized by the bride and groom from their own customized playlist.

3. Mail-Back RSVPs or QR Codes

If you're a traditionalist, mail-back RSVPs are the way to go. We have found that one of The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends for 2022 are QR Codes. That's right! Guests don't have to worry about mailing their RSVP back on time. A QR Code allows guests to respond digitally with a yea or nay. Talk about convenience!

4. Destination or Local Weddings

Destination weddings are on the rise now that we are back in full swing. Couples are choosing anywhere from Caribbean destinations, such as Mexico or Jamaica, to a drive to the country. Guests are just as eager to RSVP yes to destination weddings, since being able to travel was prohibited for so long. They are looking forward to a weekend vacation.

5. Fresh Flowers or Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers are absolutely stunning. We totally agree. During the fall season, however, brides are choosing dried flowers more often. The beautiful dried flower bouquets or centerpieces can include a combination of pampas grass, preserved flowers, or botanicals in fall colors.

6. Edible Favors or Unsuitable Favors

Ever wondered why you find so many wedding favors left behind once the wedding is over? You guessed it. Many guests don't have a use for them, and forget all about them. This fall, couples are choosing edible favors instead. Who wouldn't love a cute little gift bag filled with chocolates, pumpkin spiced cookies or carrot cake? Edible favors are a great alternative to unsuitable favors.

If you want to learn more about our list of The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends for 2022, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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