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The Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name

Traditionally, it has been customary for a bride to take on her husband's last name after getting married. However, in more modern times there could be different reasons why one has decided to keep their last name. For instance, in same-sex marriages, a person may want to keep their maiden name. Another instance could be if someone is afraid of losing their identity because they've established a "brand". For example, a lot of famous people may choose to keep their last names. If you're considering changing your last name after getting married, we've compiled a list of The Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name.

Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name
The Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name - Photographer: Jakob Owens


1. Entire Family Will Have The Same Surname

First on our list of The Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name after getting married is that the entire family will have the same last name. You won't have to worry about explaining to your children why their parents are married but have different last names. Also, sharing the same last name creates a stronger family bond.

2. New Identity

If you were never really fond of your last name, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to change it. That's why having a new identity is on our list of The Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name. Some last names may be associated with a bad reputation or may be difficult to spell or pronounce. In this case, we know that you'll be first in line to change your last name. Changing your last name will give you a chance to start fresh with somewhat of a new identity.

3. Monogramming

Having the same last name makes monogramming and custom-made items much easier. Also, wedding guests may assume that you will be changing your last name and purchase custom items for your wedding based on this assumption.


1. Paperwork

Once you decide to change your last name, you have to complete all sorts of paperwork. For example, changing your name through the social security administration, tax forms, driver's license, credit cards, passports, and health insurance. This can be very time-consuming because you're waiting in lines and completing a lot of paperwork. Not to mention the fees associated with filing the paperwork.

2. Can Affect Your Career

More people are deciding to get married later in life and have already established their careers. For many women who have built a reputation in their line of work, it may be risky to change their name due to having to re-establish their identity in the workplace.

3. Stops Family Line

We all know that when you get married you are uniting as one. However, for those who are the last descendants of a family, the family line stops with you once you change your last name. This is something to consider if you choose to change your last name.

If you would like to learn more about The Pros & Cons of Changing Your Last Name, please contact us to speak to one of our professional wedding planners.



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