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The Top Most Affordable Months to Get Married

The affordability of getting married can vary depending on factors such as location, venue, vendors, and demand. However, certain trends may suggest which months tend to be more affordable for weddings. We are sharing our list of The Top Most Affordable Months to Get Married.

Best Month to Get Married:  Affordable Options

The Top Most Affordable Months to Get Married

Off-peak months

First on our list of The Top Most Affordable Months to Get Married is off-peak months. Generally, months outside the peak wedding season may offer better deals. In many places, peak wedding season is typically during the spring and summer months (May through August in the northern hemisphere), so getting married during the off-peak months, such as fall or winter, could be more affordable.

January and February

Most people aren't fans of the cold weather, which is why, January and February are also on our list of The Top Most Affordable Months to Get Married. These months are often less popular for weddings due to colder weather and post-holiday financial constraints for many people. Vendors may offer discounts during this time to attract business.


While it's still technically in the fall season, November is often considered an off-peak month for weddings. Prices for venues and vendors might be more reasonable compared to peak months.  Location may also play a role when determining if November is the best time for you to host your wedding.  Be sure not to plan your wedding around Thanksgiving which can drive prices up.


Due to holiday gatherings, venues and vendors may offer lower rates to start the year off productive during the slow season that follows.  We’ve seen couples taking advantage of the low December rates and hosting their wedding celebration while bringing in the new year.

March and April

While these months can still be within the peak wedding season in some areas, they might offer better prices, compared to the heart of the season (May through August).

It's important to remember that while certain months may generally be more affordable, factors such as your specific location, venue availability, and vendor pricing can significantly impact costs. It's always a good idea to research and compare prices, negotiate with vendors, and consider alternative options to help manage your wedding budget regardless of the month you choose to get married.

If you want to learn more about our list of The Top Most Affordable Months to Get Married, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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