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The Wedding Venue Checklist for Couples: Questions to Ask Your Chicago Venue

Updated: Sep 10

A lot of couples have an idea about where they would like to have their wedding ceremony. It's usually located in the city or town that they live in where friends and family are able to attend the ceremony. This is also a good idea when you have elderly family members who are unable to travel. When it comes to choosing a venue, we've created “The Wedding Venue Checklist for Couples: Questions to Ask Your Chicago Venue."

The Wedding Venue Checklist for Couples: Questions to Ask Your Chicago Venue Photo Credit: Nicee Martin

1. Is Your Wedding Date Available?

One of the most important questions to ask on our Wedding Venue Checklist for Couples is whether or not your wedding date is available. More popular wedding venues tend to book up very quickly so be sure to check with the venue in advance. Also, if your wedding date is unavailable, the venue may have a date that is available in the month that you would like to have your wedding ceremony.

2. How Many People Does the Venue Accommodate?

When choosing a wedding venue, you would want to ask about the number of guests the venue can accommodate. If you already have an idea about the size of your guest list, then you can narrow down your venue list before beginning any tours. Doing this can save you time. Also, be sure to consult your wedding planner before conducting any venue site visits. Most wedding planners will accompany you to the site visit at the venue.

3. Can We Have the Ceremony Here as Well?

Another question on our Wedding Venue Checklist for Couples is asking if the venue allows you to have the ceremony there in addition to the reception. Some wedding venues have space available for the ceremony as well. Depending on the size of the guest list for the ceremony, which can differ in size from the reception, you may be able to have the ceremony and reception at the same location. This can be very convenient for guests, as they would not have to travel to a different location, for the ceremony and reception. Be sure to ask if there are additional costs associated with having the ceremony at the venue and if there is a place for the bridal party to change.

4. What is the Rental Fee and What’s Included?

Staying in your financial comfort zone should be a priority when choosing your wedding venue. That’s why another aspect of our Wedding Venue Checklist for Couples includes inquiring about the rental fees and getting a clear understanding of what’s included in those fees. Some venues include your basic linen (tablecloths and napkins in white or ivory). You would also want to inquire about any overtime fees.

5. What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Getting married at a particular wedding venue has always been your dream, I get it. However, many couples are so excited that they forget to ask about a very important aspect of their contract; the cancellation policy. Your wedding planner should be able to assist you with going over the contract as they are familiar with the terminology and have already established a relationship with the venue.

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