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Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations

Are you looking to have a destination wedding? Many couples are leaning more towards destination weddings because they like the idea of having their wedding ceremony near the ocean, near a cliff in Tuscany, or maybe they want to have their wedding ceremony and honeymoon all in one location in a destination other than their hometown. What ever your reason for having a destination wedding, we want to let you in on the Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations.

Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations

1. Puerto Rico

First on our list of Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations is Puerto Rico. With its close proximity to Miami, Puerto Rico offers some of the best beaches by far. Filled with tons of beauty and culture, Puerto Rico has some affordable venues to host your wedding. San Juan is a popular location among couples. Old San Juan is right next door and is full of nightlife. The perfect spot to have your bachelorette party!

2. Dominican Republic

Located in the islands of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is also on our list of Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations. With several wedding venues to choose from, you won't be disappointed. Some of their affordable venues include hotel chains like the Hyatt and Melia. This beautiful destination offers amazing mountain views and tropical gardens. The ideal location for any photographer to capture some breathtaking photos.

3. Las Vegas

Our list of Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations would not be complete if we didn't mention Las Vegas, NV. A popular destination in the U.S where couples hop on a quick flight to exchange vows. You can find some inexpensive hotels to have your wedding ceremony. Las Vegas is filled with nightlife and it's the perfect location for any bachelor or bachelorette party also.

4. Mexico

If you're looking for an all-inclusive destination wedding location, look no further than Mexico. With a wide range of places to choose from, Puerta Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen are favorites among couples. Many of the resorts in Mexico offer a nightclub to get the party started and some beautiful oceanfront venues to host your wedding ceremony. Some of the resorts will offer a free stay for the couple if you book at least 10 rooms. Talk about making your wedding affordable.

5. Florida

Florida is not only a popular destination for vacationers but also for couples looking to get married. Known for it's warm weather, beautiful beaches, and artsy decor Florida is a favorite among many couples. Miami and Destin are the most popular locations. Venues offer many perks such as rooftops and botanical gardens.

6. Jamaica

If you haven't been to this island, you don't know what you're missing. With good vibrations in the air, reggae music and rum punch, your destination wedding location awaits you in Jamaica. Some resorts here will offer free wedding packages if you book at their resort. Jamaica is one the top destinations for travelers all over the world.

If you want to learn more about our Top 6 Affordable Destination Wedding Locations, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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