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Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Which One Is Right For You?

Every culture, race, religion, and ethnic group have their way of doing things. But when it comes to weddings some of these same groups take their rituals very seriously depending on if things are done as part of a tradition, religion, etc. That's why we came up with a list of some of the most popular Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Which One Is Right For You?

Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Which One is Right For You? Photo Credit: Alok Verma

1. Jumping The Broom

You've heard this phrase before. That's why it's on our list of Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Which One is Right For You? This tradition involves laying a broom on the ground and the couple would jump together over the broom which symbolizes brushing away the past and starting anew. This ritual came about in the 19th Century by Africans American who were enslaved and forbidden to marry.

2. Circle the Groom

One of the most popular Jewish traditions is to circle the groom. In this tradition, the bride circles the groom a total of seven times to break down any barriers between them. In more recent times, the couple circles each other.

3. Unity Candle

Lighting a unity candle is probably one of the most well-known rituals. The bride and groom each hold a candle and together they light a larger candle. Lighting the candle symbolizes unity and sometimes the groom's family gets involved to light a candle to show uniting of both families.

4. Sand Ceremony

Also, on our list of Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Which One is Right For You is a sand ceremony. This ceremony is very popular in destination and beach weddings. This ritual involves the coming together of the couple where the bride and groom each receive a small vessel filled with two different sand colors and pour them into a larger vessel. It's commonly referred to as "blending the sands".

5. Breaking the Glass

Traditionally, in a Jewish wedding, the groom crushes a glass that is wrapped in fabric with his foot. This

symbolized that the couple will stay married for as long as the glass is shattered. This ritual takes place after the bride and groom are announced as a married couple.

6. Time Capsule

This is one of the fun ones. Before the ceremony, the bride and groom write a love letter to each other and it gets sealed or locked in a box until the ceremony. You can add keepsakes and mementos such as photos to the box also. The box gets opened at a time in the future. For instance, you may open the box on your 5, 10, or 20th anniversary. You can even come back to the venue where you got married to open the time capsule. Talk about romance!

7. Tree Planting

Although this type of ceremony has no religious or cultural ties, it symbolizes starting a new life together. We like this one because it demonstrates how the tree (like marriage) needs attention and nurturing and must be cared for by both. We recommend choosing a tree that represents you both.

If you would like to learn more about our Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Which One is Right For You?, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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