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Wedding Social Media Etiquette: What You Should Know

If you haven't noticed social media is here to stay! It's a part of our daily lives and your social media outlets are going to be a big part of your wedding planning as well. That's right. Whether you are sharing photos or creating a wedding hashtag, there is such a thing as social media wedding etiquette. We've provided a quick guide regarding Wedding Social Media Etiquette: What You Should Know to help you in the process.

Wedding Social Media Etiquette
Wedding Social Media Etiquette: What You Should Know - Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao

1. Picture Posting Protocol

We like to call this one the 3 Ps. There is a picture posting protocol when it comes to our guide of Wedding Social Media Etiquette: What You Should Know. Everyone is so happy for you and your new love and is quick to take to social media. Communicate early with friends and family about how you would like to handle your wedding photos being posted on social media. Guests should typically get permission before taking photos at the ceremony. It's ok to let guests know that you don't want them to post photos of your wedding on social media until after the ceremony.

2. Check the Newlyweds Feed

There's nothing like someone spreading your good news for you when you would like to do it on your own. When it comes to Wedding Social Media Etiquette: What You Should Know, the bride and groom should be the first to post their wedding photos. Be sure to check the feed of the newlyweds before posting pictures of their weddings.

3. Stay Out of The Way

Your friends and family members are excited for you. However, if you allow them to take photos during the wedding be sure that they don't get in the way of the professional photographer. Besides you've hired them to come in to take professional photos. Guests shouldn't get too close during certain times of the wedding such as the first dance. This is a time when the wedding photographer may be taking photos from many different angles to capture the couple.

4. Everything Isn't Meant to Be Shared

Guests shouldn't post every intimate detail of someone's wedding and should allow the couple the opportunity to do this themselves, if they choose to. Another thing that guests shouldn't share is posting photos of the couple's gifts. Doing this is just distasteful.

5. Take to Twitter

If you like the idea of your guests posting about your wedding, then by all means create a wedding hashtag for them to use. You can get very creative with coming up with a wedding hashtag for your new name.

6. Wedding Unplugged

If you just want to have a private ceremony without sharing the details of your wedding, it's perfectly fine to do so. Make a sign at the entrance asking guests to refrain from using their cellphone to take photos or videos or you could post it on your wedding website, if you have one. Let guests know that you will share your professional wedding photos with them as soon as they are available.

If you would like to learn more about Wedding Social Media Etiquette: What You Should Know, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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