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What Every Bride Should Put in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You've thought about everything that you might need on your wedding day. You've even packed a week early. However, things tend to get forgotten no matter how much planning you do. Not only that, you want to prepare for any emergency that might come up such as a button pops off, a smear on your dress, etc. That's why we've come up with "What Every Bride Should Put in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit."

Every Bride should put in wedding day emergency kit
What Every Bride Should Put in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Photo Credit: Gift Habeshaw

Stain Remover

At the worst possible moment is when a stain will appear out of nowhere. Was it the hug you gave your Aunt Marie? Was it your lipstick or someone else's? That's why stain remover is a must in our "What Every Bride Should Put in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit." Although your photographer may be able to airbrush them out, you would want to remove the stain as soon as possible so that you won't have your photos ruined by a noticeable stain on your wedding gown.


With weddings come tears of joy! So, you want to be prepared when the water well is full. Have some tissue on hand to blot your eyes to make sure your makeup stays on point!

Fashion Tape

Next on our "What Every Bride Should Put in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit" list is fashion tape. It serves as a quick fix when needle and thread are unavailable.


You'll need to touch up your lipstick after all the kissing and champagne so be sure to have a tube of lipstick available.

First Aid Kit

Just to have a first aid kit on hand is being responsible. Not only can it be of great help, if it's ever needed, to you or anyone that may encounter a little "boo-boo" at the wedding.


It's a good idea to have snacks such as granola bars or fruit snacks on hand just so that you don't get famished during the day.


Keeping your hair intact during the wedding, photos, and receptions could be a task. Have a small bottle of hairspray to keep those frizzies in line. Opt for a hairspray that controls humidity and is long-lasting.

Safety Pins

Even Grandma knows to keep a safety pin on hand for emergencies. Invest in various sizes so that you can cover all size mishaps.


Mints are always a must-have to keep on hand. You'd want to make sure your breath stays fresh during the day as you will be having conversations with guests throughout the day.

Allergy Medicine

If you suffer from allergies, you know that they can get triggered at any moment. Keep your allergy medication close at hand especially if your wedding ceremony is being held outdoors.


It's going to be a long day so be sure to keep yourself smelling fresh by keeping some trial size deodorant on hand.

Lint Roller

Invest in a lint roller for those pesky lint balls that seem to get everywhere. You can pick one up for as little as $1.00.


Getting dehydrated is even worse than being famished. Get a cute water bottle that you can have available to you so that you stay hydrated during the day.

Cell Phone Charger

Yeah, it's your wedding day, but you still want to have a cell phone that's charged. Be sure to throw that charger in your emergency kit. You never know when you would take a quick selfie or go live.

If you want to learn more about "What Every Bride Should Put in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit," contact us to speak to one of our wedding professionals.



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