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What Your Guests Dislike Most About Weddings

All of your guests will be happy to get invited to help celebrate your special day with you and your fiance. Spending time laughing, talking, toasting, and sharing memories about the couple is a lot of fun. However, there are some things that guests are not too fond of when it comes to weddings. We want to share with you our list of What Your Guests Dislike Most About Weddings. Hopefully, you'll do what you can to ensure your guests are having a great time at your wedding.

What Your Guests Dislike Most About Weddings

Photographer: Nicee Martin

1. Cash Bars

First, on our list of What Your Guests Dislike Most About Weddings are cash bars. Wedding guests who have to travel to attend your wedding feel like the least the couple can do is pay for their drinks. Drinks are expensive. It is an added cost to those guests who have to pay for travel and hotel accommodations. To satisfy your guests, choose to pay at minimum for wine, beer, and a signature drink.

2. Too Much Time Between the Ceremony and Reception

After the wedding ceremony, guests want to have a drink and celebrate. Allowing too much time to lapse between the ceremony and reception is What Your Guests Dislike Most About Weddings. Be sure to communicate to your wedding planner that you do not want more than an hour between the ceremony and reception. Guests can become disinterested or may have gotten out of the party spirit if you allow too much time to lapse between the ceremony and reception.

3. Waiting in Line

Whether it's a receiving line or buffet line, guests don't like having to wait. Receiving lines are too long. Everyone spends time talking and taking personal photos with the couple. When it comes to buffet lines, they can be disorganized or just too long. Guests prefer to be served than to wait in line to eat. If you can, do your guests a favor and opt-out of receiving and buffet lines.

4. Long Toasts

Wedding guests are ready to get the party started already. So, having someone who has a long toast for the couple gets annoying. Limit your guests speech time to three minutes or less. Another way to alleviate having long toasts is to have your wedding planner include those who will be making a toast on the timeline.

5. Organized Dances

It's okay to have one organized dance, such as the electric slide, to get the party started. However, going from one organized dance to the next can leave your guests bored and not interested in the celebration. Allow your guests to show off their skills by letting your DJ do his own thing.

6. Bad Directions

If you're providing guests with directions on your wedding website, be sure to give accurate directions to the venue, especially if you are having the ceremony and reception at two different locations. There is nothing worse than guests, who have traveled to be at your wedding, getting lost and missing the wedding ceremony because of inaccurate information.

If you would like to learn more about What Your Guests Dislike Most About Weddings, contact us to speak to one of our wedding planners.



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